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Civil Constructions: From The Rise Of Civilizations To Modern Times

The civil constructions industry is one of the oldest and most revered professions in the world. Ever since humans emerged from caveman dwellings and began to build the very first civilizations, there had always been need for roads, bridges, drainage systems and plumbing, residential spaces, government offices, public services, transportation networks, and many other infrastructure projects. Construction projects vary widely in scale and scope, starting from small-scale domestic works, to medium-scale plants and manufactories, and finally up to World Wonder mega-constructions. To say that it is the construction business that makes up the building blocks of civilized life is not an overstatement.

From the primitive carpenter to the modern materials science researcher, the civil works industry is indispensable to social development, always gaining new ground side by side with technology. Civil constructions helped push technological advancement and created new inventions, even as it benefited from new technology. Civil works comprise the biggest expenditure of all kinds of governments, surpassed only by military spending during wartime. All the man-made Wonders of the World (from ancient to modern times) are the greatest achievements of the civil constructions profession.

The modern civil constructions sector

Aside from undertaking major public works, the civil engineering industry today is engaged in a wide array of projects, which includes (but is not limited to) routine domestic constructions and commercial, industry-scale projects. Whenever there is need for infrastructure development for housing, transportation, delivery of service, and public works, some type of civil construction is required. The construction sector is in charge of the planning, design, and execution (i.e., building) of a project. It may also be involved in maintenance operations, as well as in conducting research on new developments in engineering science.

As the constructions industry became indispensable to modern living, various small to medium-scale businesses have emerged to contract work in both the domestic and commercial/industrial sectors. Typically, their services include planning, design, and construction work for the following:

  • Land development (such as on subdivisions and other properties)
  • Storm water drainage (proper drainage for storm water and emergency water flows)
  • Drainage systems for industrial waste (ensuring public health and safety standards)
  • Earthworks (earth movement and geo-constructions)
  • Plumbing (including water supply, gas heating systems)
  • Green engineering and environmental compliance

Many companies also offer construction and maintenance of electrical infrastructure, among other services. Indeed, there seems to be no limit to the type of work offered by civil contractors; wherever people live, play, and work — in fact, wherever there is Civilization — a civil constructions team had already been there.

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