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Eco-Friendly Doors

Reduce your carbon footprint with environmentally sustainable doors.

Doors constructed of solid natural wood require large pieces of lumber, increasing environmentally unfriendly logging which accelerates deforestation, threatens watersheds, wastes energy, and contributes to global climate change.

Advanced technology has created new and better techniques for manufacturing doors of environmentally sustainable composite materials that outperform solid wood.

Eco-friendly doors have advantages over doors built from natural wood. They are:

• More durable

• Lower maintenance

• Energy efficient

Best of all, eco-friendly doors are priced lower than solid wood doors.

Choosing a high-quality environmentally sustainable engineered wooden door or a wood veneer door not only helps save the planet, it saves you money!

Designed and manufactured for superior structural strength, engineered doors are the latest innovation for a green habitat.

An engineered door isn’t hollow, they are solid and are constructed of small pieces of a sustainable wood species, finger jointed together, edge glued (like a breadboard) and then veneered over. This construction process produces solid wood doors, which are highly stable, unlikely to warp and have a virtually flawless appearance. This technique has been used in making Scandinavian teak wood furniture by furniture manufacturers for years. Another engineered door construction technique is using a sustainable chipboard core with a LVL (Laminated Veneer Layer – Like Plywood) frame and horizontal bracing covered with a wood veneer. Both processes make very stable, affordable and beautiful doors. Solid wood doors tend be highly unstable, have defects, and are unrealistically expensive.

Engineered doors are very affordable and the best choice for sustainable use of wood. Using very little of the high quality wood for the veneer is an optimum use of the resource. Some eco-friendly doors also use reconstituted wood veneers. These veneers are manufactured from the highly sustainable basswood and then turned into a veneer through computer engineering, making the finished product undistinguishable from the original veneer wood type.

Engineered doors have the traditional look of a solid wood door but with the additional benefit of longer durability, easier maintenance, and lower costs.

Engineered doors offer many design options with or without lites. They are available in a variety of surface textures and treatments for every type of interior, from rustic to modern.

Engineered wood can be cut, drilled, routed, and fastened, using ordinary tools and basic skills. Unfinished doors are easily finished with paints, stains, and varnishes.

Manufactured to precise design specifications, engineered doors are stronger than conventional hardwood doors. They do not warp, rot, split, shrink, or crack under elemental stress. More resistant to moisture than both solid wood and veneer doors, engineered wood doors are preferable for areas with high humidity like bathrooms.

High-performance, cost-efficient engineered wood doors are the optimal solution for the environmentally friendly home or office.

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