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Energy Management – Cost Reduction Strategies That Deliver Value Today and Tomorrow

Utility costs continue to fluctuate. Increasing costs may be an uncontrollable for you. However, there are ways that you can effectively control the bottom line costs of the energy (especially electrical energy) used to operate your facility, site, plant and/or building by employing two tried and true strategies.

You can lower your demand (need) for energy

Reducing the amount of energy your building requires to operate the fans, pumps, furnaces and chillers can effectively lower your costs. Lighting systems improvements and controls can dramatically lower your need for power.  Enabling standby power control options on typical office equipment such as printers, fax machines and computers drive down energy use even more. 

Choosing “energy performance improvement” focused operating practices in your custodial services, cafeteria operations, in-houses reproduction services, mail room and plant operations units can streamline your need for energy. Focusing on energy performance improvement often leads to overall business performance improvements as well.

You can curtail energy use.

When the local and regional demand for electricity is high shedding electrical energy loads as a part of a structured curtailment program can benefit both the cost and the revenue side of your operation.

  • On the cost side, you immediately win by lowering the amount of energy used  – thus the  total energy cost.
  • On the revenue side, your participation in an economic Demand Response Program positions you to earn when you reduce your demand in response to a request to “shed your load”.  Economic demand response programs are voluntary and are offered in three typical business areas. Local utility company program, third party aggregators and independent system operators may all offer programs.  Independent system operators serve in unregulated energy markets.
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