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Make Your Choice Out of Mechanical or Civil Engineering

It’s not the influence that lets a student opt for a particular course or stream, but it’s his inner passion and skills that make him take the final call. The same instinct lies within an aspiring engineer, which makes him choose his specialized field. So, if you wish to be an engineer and find yourself stuck between mechanical and civil, the decision isn’t really hard. All you need to do to find an apt answer to your question is to look for the reasons for why you should choose any of these. Do you feel passionate enough to pursue mechanical or civil engineering? If yes, the choice is easier.

These are considered the most preferred engineering streams among students. Most of the aspiring engineers today, wish to specialize in either of them due to the future prospects associated to these professions. First, you need to have a clear understanding of these, for which the following details would be of help.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical attracts a higher number of applications as compared to any other engineering stream. In 2013, the candidates for mechanical appearing for GATE were 1,65,814. Besides, other universities and institutions also have noticed this trend among students. A variety of reasons back this generalized choice of students. These reasons include a satisfying remuneration, great future prospects and eligibility for a variety of jobs.

If we consider the average salary of a mechanical engineer in the country, the figures look gratifying. As per an international research firm, an average annual salary of a entry-level mechanical engineer in the country is Rs. 300,417, whereas after a relevant experience in this field, one can expect to earn Rs. 580,056 per year. The skills one needs to possess to be eligible for such jobs include Engineering Design and Project Management.

Civil Engineering

Those who get lured with the terms like construction, infrastructural or architecture, civil engineering has to be the ideal choice. A civil engineer deals with construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings along with the natural environment. In the years to come, civil engineers are going to be in demand due to the need for infrastructure development in the country. This need calls for more skilled civil engineers, who possess the passion to contribute to our environment. These are the people, whose work is visible to the world out there.

An entry-level professional in this field can be offered an annual remuneration of Rs. 285,768 per year. After gaining a worthy experience in this sector, one can be entitled to an annual salary of Rs 531,183, as per an international research firm.

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