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Message From the Universe: Sharing Your Dreams With the Right People Is Crucial to Success!

“The instant you have a new dream, the masses are notified.

And every single one of the billions of people alive today who have complementary visions, whether to be your future customer, reader, mentor, fan, lover, partner, agent, golf caddy, or tanning salon operator, all add their power to yours.

After all, you just might be their “lucky break.”

Move boldly,

The Universe”

Do not let your dreams go unfulfilled. You decide the content and start processing that information. There are many dreamers, but not enough doers. You need to put these thoughts into action and not hesitate. It is imminent that you first determine the viability of your dream and make sure that it is feasible. Do not dream about creating a bridge between NY and Portugal when you have no civil engineering knowledge. For everything else, sky’s the limit. The reason as to why you need to hang around people with big dreams is because it will inspire you to keep on going with your dream. Naysayers will always try to discourage you or bring you down to earth by mocking your dreams. Avoid these naysayers at all cost. First, you do not need to tell anyone what you are doing or thinking about doing or implementing any kind of dreams. The ONLY permission you need to ask is yourself. No one else out there is aloud to tell you what to do or how to do it. You are the master of your own self so start applying it. Produce all the dreams you want and take action as soon as the opportunity arise.

Joining a group of dreamers is crucial to your well being and to your confidence level when it comes to making all of your dreams a reality. Since you all share the same thought process, everyone can encourage to others when it comes to holding on and keep moving forward. This kind of encouragement is a must, especially during the embryo stage of the dream. You need the right support so you can avoid pitfalls. Mentors are good performing the task of encouraging others and sharing their point of view with the creator/entrepreneur. If you have the opportunity to talk to a mentor, make sure you pay attention to every word they share with you, every advice, every comment or feedback because they are extremely valuable. They will help you avoid costly mistakes that can save you time and money, especially where you need it the most at this stage of your business. Take my word for it, I have helped many avoid MY mistakes.

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