The Physics and Engineering Behind Penis Enlargement

There are many methods of penis enlargement. Let’s look at the basic, biological structure of the human male penis and approach its enlargement potential from a physics and engineering point of view.

The male penis is unlike other primates (gorillas, apes, monkeys) in that it does not have a penis bone. A penis bone is what most mammals and all other primates use to obtain an erection. They do have erectile tissue, too, but they can’t get erect without a penis bone.

Man was blessed without a penis bone. If you examine the cellular structure of the penis, both its internal and external structure, you will see that it is “elastic” in nature. This means, in physics/engineering terms that its shape can be altered without affecting its function. That’s right. That means you can get bigger and maintain the ability to urinate, have sex, and ejaculate.

This is possible because instead of relying on a bone to get an erection, the human male just uses simple fluid mechanics/dynamics to get an erection. That sounds technical, but, really, it’s not. It just means that there are three caverns (tunnels) in the male penis that fill up with blood. The more they fill up with blood, the harder you get. Once they get filled to their maximum capacity, there are valves that close off the blood flow. This is what helps you maintain that erection.

One of the ways to increase your length and girth is to increase the capacity of blood these caverns can contain. This is a very basic step in penis enlargement. But the process must be approached slowly, as you want to build up the strength of the valves, as well, to be able to cope with this increased amount of pressure. If the valves aren’t strong enough to contain the extra fluidal pressure, then, guess what?, they will fail and you won’t be able to maintain an erection for very long. That’s why this type of penis-enlargement approach must be done slowly and safely. If done properly, over time, the valves will gradually strengthen with the increased pressure that these cavities are able to contain and maintain.

The next step is to realize that the ligaments that hold the penis to the pelvis are also “elastic” in nature. See, in the body, most ligaments connect bone with bone. Like the ligaments that hold together the tiny bones in your hand, for instance. But in the penis, the ligaments connect bone with soft tissue. “Soft tissue” meaning your penis. They are similar in structure to the ligaments that women have in their breasts – The Ligaments of Cooper – These are the ligaments that keep a woman’s breasts upright. But over time, gravity pulls on these ligaments, especially if a woman has large breasts and doesn’t wear a bra, and this causes a drooping of the breasts.

But for man, to have a ligamentous structure to his penis is a Godsend. You see, if man was stuck with tendons to hold his penis in place, guess what?, there is no way he could stretch out these ligaments and increase his length. Because tendons are not “elastic” in nature. They are inelastic, like your achilles tendon. Tendons will actually break the bone (in which they attach to) before they will stretch or snap. They are that tough – Tougher than bone! So it’s truly a gift from Mother Nature that man was given ligaments instead of tendons to hold his penis in place.

There are many ways to stretch out the ligaments of the penis. Gravitational methods are one way (just like what happens to large breasts over time). Men attach weights to their genitals and use gravity to stretch them out…

While that may seem like a great way to enlarge yourself, I must admit that there are safer and more comfortable ways to attain enlargement via stretching of the penile ligaments!

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