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What Your LinkedIn Profile Says to Others Immediately

Having a complete profile on your social media channels is critical to your success in business. Among those channels, LinkedIn is probably your most important channel of business in general.

The importance of a strong, complete LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is all about your professional life. People check out your profile and your status updates to learn about what you are doing with your business and to learn what is new in your professional life. It is a very important part of your professional persona.

If your LinkedIn profile has been completed appropriately, it will address certain pieces of information that other people are looking for when they first view your information.

  • What is your area of expertise/knowledge base? You may possess a unique combination of skills and knowledge and that combination may be perfect for a prospective (or existing) client. It is important that you present your knowledge and experience in the most compelling manner so that other people will pay attention. The more relevant knowledge you have, the more marketable you will be. That is a very positive thing for you and for your business.
  • Demonstrate your credibility: Credibility is one of the most important qualities that you can possess in business. If other people don’t consider you credible, they won’t want to do business of any kind with you. Credibility and trust are two of the building blocks that must be solid in order for you to succeed. Along with credibility is your ability to share a certain amount of details with people (without actually giving away the store, of course).
  • Show how solid your communication skills are: Communication skills are critical to your success. Of course, that means all communication skills (written and verbal). As far as the written skills are concerned, you must make sure that the are not only free of errors but that the content that you write is also compelling and beautifully written. That goes for every word that you write. You must maintain that standard on a permanent basis. If any written word contains errors, unfortunately, the reader will become distracted by those errors and he or she will not be able to focus on what you are trying to communicate. If you write and don’t trust yourself to catch all of the errors (of course, every writer makes errors), it will be well worth it for you to ask for help from someone else to catch those errors. There is a reason why they say that a writer should not edit his or her own writing.
  • Highlight your personal brand clearly: Your personal brand should be a clear communication of who you are and what you represent. It is so important that if you don’t communicate your personal brand properly, you will fail to make the other person understand why he or she should choose your business over someone else’s. You will need to have a strong branding statement, which will communicate exactly how you stand above your competition.
  • Blow your own horn: There are times in business when it is not appropriate to brag. However, when it comes to accomplishments that will be appealing and attractive to the other person because those experiences/knowledge will benefit them, it is appropriate to blow your own horn. After all, the other person has a desire to work with you because you have accomplished so much and they want to reap the benefits of your accomplishments.
  • State clearly what you can bring to the table: In this day and age of advanced technological tools, it is important that you leverage as many as apply to your business. However, it is also important for you to be proactive and think about how your knowledge of the various tools can help other people as well. This goes back to your credibility. The more you know (of course, only relevant knowledge), the more appealing you will be to the person who is considering hiring you.
  • Where do your passions lie: The truth is that if you are passionate about something, you will do an amazing job with it. You will give it your all and even more. That passion must come through clearly. Your success depends on it. All of that passion should be reflected in your LinkedIn profile, which is the first thing that the other person will see.


All of the points that were discussed here should be on your LinkedIn profile. If they are, you have a great chance of becoming extremely successful and you will be able to bring your business to the next level before you know it. Make sure to stay focused and on point. Additionally, you should keep your target audience member’s wants and needs at top of mind. In your profile, remember to communicate clearly who you are and what you represent in your profile. Your business depends on it.

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